Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Calico Acres Farm

Steve finished the front door onto the porch today with our brand. Pretty cool huh.
Bob worked Emma some more today. Touching is not her favorite thing. She comes face to face with him but don't touch please. I don't have pictures because the battery died. I knew it was going to and it did.
I did some things with Sage this evening after it cooled down too. She is getting more relaxed all the time. Its just been too hot to do anything in the middle of the day. I have been going in and touching and handling her every day but not really working.
Back to my 1000 things I am thankful for.
126. Thrift Store shopping
127. Picking wild blackberries
128. Baby calves
129. goats
130. naps
131 Old linens
132. Blue jeans
133. My wedding ring
134. fresh eggs
135 clucking chickens
136. All the men and women who protect this country
137. Scrabble
138. Yahtzee
139. Solitaire
140. Home made potato soup
141. Oyster crackers
142. Tart Apples
143. Raisins
144. Sunflowers
145. Trail rides to anywhere
146. Sunsets
147. Post it notes
148. Reading
149 Reading
150. Polar fleece blankets to snuggle in
151Puppy breath
152. Smiles
153 scotch tape
154 duct tape
155 walks
156 good neighbors
157 garage door openers
158 Levi jackets
159 Red barns
160 Maple trees
161 Camera bags
161 Brother in law Lynn
162 Sister in law Jackie
163 Brownie another Brother in law - my sisters saint.
164. Caroline my grandniece in Mississippi
165 Trip around Mississippi with my niece Suzy
166 Trading in aluminum cans
167 Keepsakes
168/ Jewelry
169. soft warm wind
170 After Bite - a medicine to put on after mosquito's get you for lunch
171 Trip to Oregon with Nikki
172 Trip to Key West with Sharon
173 Sages big feet
174 AC
175. Furnace when its cold
176. White
l77 pink
178 aqua
179 Emeralds
180 On time airplanes
181 Washington State Horsemen
182 Mustang Club
183 Back Country Horsemen
184 Uncle Lyle
185 Uncle George
186 Notes from grandchildren
That is enough for today. There is more I promise.


  1. I love the brand! How neat that Steve put it on your door. I'm enjoying your 1000 things you're thankful for. Love the Post its!

  2. Numbers 131, 136 and 140! I need to add those to my list. :) blessings, marlene