Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Troubling Day

The photo challenge picture of the day.
It's at the Brooks Rd. bridge . The bridge is paved and the road on both sides is not paved and this big bump occurs every winter it seems.
That is all the pictures today. Have spent all day working trying to keep a calf alive. Poor Licorice. He almost died a couple of times but our neighbor Shannon who is a vet tech came and we put a big bag of stuff into him - warm water, electrolytes, a spectrum, and a pectate solution. I would not have liked a tube down my throat and a gallon of stuff poured in me. We will put another gallon down him in about an hour. Pectin, warm water, pectate. I need to find some BioPec to replace hers that she gave him this afternoon when his nose and the inside of his mouth was really cold. I was sure he would die but he is warm and is holding his head up this evening. I have him wrapped up in a horse cooler. I hate buying day old dairy calves. They always get sick because they take them right away and they don't get enough colostrum.
I did work about an hour with Sage. She will let me reach over her back and rub her with the short stick and she will let me reach under he neck and let me rub that other side but she will not let me stand over there. We did 3 steps back yesterday and I was discouraged last night. She did OK today. I moved her halter around and tried to take a hold of the little piece of rope left but she absolutely panicked when I did that. So that is going to be a work in progress. I did get to check her poll though and she has some hair rubbed off but no damage.
I am sorry my blog was so abrupt last night. Wanted to put my picture up and then my computer was acting up and it closed up shop so I just turned it off. I think I hit a wrong key somewhere and then it went berserk on me. All is well at this point this evening.


  1. I hope your little guy pulls through. How sad.

    I know how you feel about the 3 steps back. It's so discouraging when they do that. But you'll be moving forward in no time!

  2. I hope your little calf pulls through! I don't have much experience with them, but the one we raised started off about like yours. He made it grew to be a big fellow.

    Hope your weather is still good!

  3. Sure hope your little guy Licorice pulls through and recovers. Calves are tougher than they look, I think. That kind of stuff is emotionally exhausting, not to mention just plain tiring. Don't worry about Sage...she'll come along just fine. Another one of my favorite sayings from Ray Hunt is "the slower you go, the faster you get there". True words.
    Patience, grasshopper. :)