Friday, April 2, 2010

Winter has returned

This is what I saw out of the window by my computer. The little robin had just taken a bath in the mud puddle you see. When I went out to do the chores this evening there were many many robins in the yard. They were hopping around on the ground and in the apple tree. I don't know why they were congregating here.
Today we had a blizzard, a rain storm and much wind. I am so tired of this. I want to ride
and can not do it in this weather. Oh well.

I finished the Easter baskets I made for the girls, grown up and little and some for the grandsons. I made them out of paper bags. I didn't think they would want lace, beads and ribbon. Bob agreed with me.

I cleaned all the hardwood floors today and folded laundry and cooked the potatoes for the potato salad. I will cook the eggs tomorrow so I can get that all put together except for the dressing tomorrow. When I was at Walmart yesterday I bought so lightweight plastic dishes all bright Eastery colors. I hate paper plates. These were very inexpensive and when they break we can toss them. Got a platter which I didn't really need but for 1.00 it was a pretty green and a bowl which was also a pretty spring color. The dishes were 4 for a buck so you see if they break away they go.

Lots to do tomorrow.


  1. Yuuuck! I keep waiting for the last freeze that will wipe out my magnolia blooms that really started to pop yesterday. The tree is gorgeous in full bloom, if they survive that long!!! It is now too tall for me to throw a sheet over it.

  2. Lea I'm so sorry you're having winter weather again! We've finally got springs and it's just incredible. :) blessings, marlene