Saturday, April 3, 2010

Twas the night before Easater.

No picture today. Will have some tomorrow though for positive. There was a pretty sunset but by the time I found where I had put my camera it had changed. I should have put it where I usually do where I can grab it quickly.

The potato salad is put together, the floors all wiped up and the dishes done. The baskets are filled and in a large basket. My clothes are layed out for church. So what is left - ? I am sure I will think of something about the time I am drifting off to sleep. Oh yes, my toe nails are painted. That's an important chore when you are wearing open toed shoes tomorrow.

We had a big scare last night. I about had a coronary running down the road about 11 last night. I was just dozing off and Bob was asleep on the couch. The phone rang and a neighbor said our horses were running down the road. We hit the front door running. I had to come back and get a flashlight. By that time Bob was in the SUV that has 4 wheel drive and started down the road. We found them in the 50 acre field across the road. They were running and bucking and having fun. There is a fair amount of traffic on our road and I tried to slow cars down by waving the flashlight but no one even slowed down a bit. After Bob got them headed in the right direction he got out of the car and we started walking them towards home. I prayed like mad that there would be no cars come. There wasn't. The got out on the road and went down the middle of the road of course to our driveway and went to their pasture. Our 50 mph winds had blown a portion of their fence over. I was so relieved. It was so very cold and the wind was blowing hard and even though stars were out, the moon was behind clouds so it was very dark. Whew. I came in and went to bed and slept like a rock, Bob was up and down all night with a stress induced stomach upset.

So that is my drama for today even though it happened last night.

I finally got the head guy at Busy Bee Stables and got our Mustang Days all taken care of. He was so willing to work with us. Larry has a little ego but that's OK. He will help us even set up the trail course. He said we had 600 acres to work with. We won't need that much and it made me chuckle. It is the last weekend in June. I am sure I will be posting more and more about it. I do need to get insurance yet. I will do that on Monday.

Remember why we celebrate Easter. It is not the bunnies and the candy and the colored eggs. It is the day Christ rose from the grave after dieing on the cross for our sins.

Till tomorrow.


  1. You need a beautiful day on this beautiful day.

  2. Can we go sometime and walk the property and see what we're working with? I've never been to Busy Bee. I'm so glad we have a great place for a trail challenge!

    The great escape would scare me to death. Glad everyone got home safely.

  3. Anytime you are up here we can do it. Just let me know. Larry won't care. I was scared to death Andrea.