Friday, April 30, 2010

Naughty Girl

I was so glad that Katie was here to take a picture of a real two armed hug around her neck. In two weeks and one day. She just relaxes and leans into me.

I tried really had today to get on her other side but nothing doing. I was scratching and rubbing her neck on both sides, she dropped her head lower and lower until her nose was even with my thigh. She was trying to rub on me but I moved away a bit and she kept trying to rub on my leg and she bit me. A big bite. I have a large bite shaped bruise on my thigh. I don't think she meant to hurt me I think she was doing a horse thing and going to scratch my leg. Horses do that with their teeth to one another. I jumped back and yelled and waved my arms and told her that was bad and I left her to think about it and came to the house to look at my leg. We will get back at it tomorrow but I will watch her mouth for sure.

Katie working with Liberty. She just needs reminding of all those things she learned with Tyler. Such a good horse.

The two mamas. Fancy had 5 babies too so there are 10 babies in that same nest. The mama's just stay there cuddled up together. I have never seen anything like it. Has anyone else seen that?
I went and got my hair cut this evening. I sure like it and my head feels 10 pounds lighter. Now to see if I can make it look nice like this on my own. Just could not stand the headache causing long hair. Braiding it was my aim but just could not stand it. Bob is worrying that it won't help my headaches and my hair will be gone. They will go though, every time I get my hair about that long the headaches start.
If any of you are not on Facebook and see the Nikki wants to have a photo challenge. A photo a day for the month of May. The first word is sign. I know what I am going to photograph. Not telling either. LOL. I will post it tomorrow.
Hope your First day of May is an awesome day.


  1. Her expression is saying she is not too sure about all this; but...whatever. So sorry she bit you. I hope that is not a set-back for her. She is moving along so nicely.

  2. We had three( mother-daughters) that did that. Unfortunately, we had so many kittens they all started to get sick and die/be put down. The two house cats are the sole survivors of fifteen kittens. The only reason they did survive was being brought in the house. We had our keeping-cats neutered and have had no more kittens since. The older two cats are now over ten years old.

  3. Oh, things are really coming along, Lea. Hope your bite is better today.

    The cats are so sweet. Once I had a mother and daughter cat that had kittens the same time and for some reason they traded babies!