Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kids, grandkids and bubbles

This is a bunch of pictures. If its too many I won't be insulted if you don't look at them all. The first one is two of our granddaughters. They found the prized gold and silver eggs. Sheya is 8 and Jadeyn is 12.
This is our daughter Christyn's family. She is in the back left. She is a beautiful young woman. Next to her is her partner Wendy and then Skylar who will be 14 next weekend. He is a big boy. Then Jadeyn and the front row is Lenna on the left who is a friend of Nikki's and then Nikki on the right. They all seemed to have a great time.

Our son Tom and his family. Christy beside him Sheya, Seth who is 10 and Ryan who is 13. Good kids.

Us, Skeeter and Tom Chrissy and Steven. We had such a great day with them. I did the ham and potato salad and they did the rest. It was GOOD. I am still full.

The kids all got bubble things and Chrissy and I had fun with them. With the wind it made great bubbles.

Somehow that got the same picture.

We had so much fun and decided maybe we should have gotten the bubbles. We had more fun than the kids did.

Sheya and Jade on the trampoline. Had to recharge my cameras battery so I missed all the kids jumping on it. The best 50.00 we have ever spent.

Chrissy and Wendy brought me roses. They are beautiful and so sweet of them.

Bob and I right after church. Katie took our picture. It was such a good service and the church was packed almost as full as the fire dept. would have it. I think actually it was 3 over but no one said anything.

Bob just before we left for church. The love of my life.

And, me.

This is what I saw just as we were getting ready to go to church. I have never seen Skeeter use Maggie for a mattress before. Maggie didn't seem to mind.
So that was our day. Loved every minute of it.


  1. Ha Ha "Bob Stop tickling me!" lol
    I love the picture of maggie moo and Skitter bug... so cute!! lol

  2. Nice 'to meet' your family. Happy Easter.

  3. Hmm, someone thinks he is rather funny...Fun time had by all. We did the family thing also; only noone took photos. With three 3yrolds running rampant, a seven and nine that know it all; we were rather busy!! Did kites, bubbles and egg hunt. Grammie is tired today. (The quilter in me says--That is one fabulous wall-hanging. Did you make it? Pattern??)

  4. Phaedra96 = My sister brought me that quilt several years ago. It is Amish made and all hand done. I cherish it

  5. How sweet. What a great picture of you guys on Easter!