Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still Limping Around

What is left of our cherry tree. Half of it was dead and we did not get any cherries from it. The birds got them and made big messes. So, down it came. Tom will get the rest of the wood next weekend when he comes out. They have a wood heater stove and can use it.

Oliver relaxing in the sun. His short horn seems to have healed up OK. He recovered fully from whatever he had that made him so sick a month or so ago. Now if Bob walks toward him and doesn't have food he runs. He thinks he might be going to get another shot.

I wonder what kind of hens these are. They have very round bodies and tails that are not pointy like theothers, they are rounded. And they have feathers on their legs and their feathers are kind of bushy around their heads.

Spot relaxing before she goes out to the pasture to eat again. I expect her baby will be born next week. That is when the full moon is. Candy is due about the same time.

I don't know what kind this rooster is either. He is huge. I mean really huge. We had a rooster when we got the 10 new hens and she had the rooster. She said she could not eat him so gave him to us. He was in a rabbit hutch type cage in the barn for Bob to butcher last Saturday. Friday morning when Bob went out our rooster was laying there dead. Bob said he died with a smile on his face. Don't really know what happened to him though. We had another one drop over of a heart attack a couple of years ago. So Big Boy had his life saved. He is now our rooster. I think we have 13 laying hens and one old hen that is blind in one eye and is lame that has survived 3 dog attacks so we named her Lucky and she can live her life out in peace with the other chickens.
I don't know if I will be able to get out to do chores or work with Rusty by tomorrow or not. I hope so. Bob is in such a foul mood tonight that I am glad he did not catch her. I am hiding out. LOL.
Thankful Tuesday? I am thankful that my foot is a little better today. I am thankful for the sunshine. I am thankful for family. Even when we don't get along, we are still family.
Blessings to you all.


  1. Today is supposed to be 60 and sunny. I hope that's true! Hope you can get out and enjoy it a little.

  2. I would strongly suspect that huge rooster slipped something in the other roosters drink!

  3. I'm behind in my blog reading. Glad you're able to get up and around! I bet your funny round hens are cochins. I've thought about getting that kind, they're supposed to be really docile and make good pets.