Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday, at least I think it is

On the NINTH day of Christmas Here are NINE old antique books. The green one that doesn't look so old had its dust cover on and I took it off for the picture. Its old too. Most of them are books of poetry, one is a bible and the big red one is a text book. They were all Bob's dads books. He was a poetry lover and could quote a lot of it. He had a brain injury about 1961 and could not get words to come out right at times but he still could quote his memorized poetry.

15 degrees was our high temperature today. Its about 8 right now. BUT, the sun shone and we had a glorious sunset. The horses are just fine. They are all fat and enjoying the extra hay they are getting. Its kind of hard walking because what was mud is now solid as a rock and all bumpy. Their tank heaters are keeping their water clear of ice. I carry hot water to the goat and the chickens two or three times during the day. One of our hens lays an egg every day but it freezes and breaks before Bob feeds them in the morning about 6:30.

Blessed Thursday wishes go to you all.


  1. Poor hen laying those eggs and all for naught...all that hard work...sheehs!

  2. Lovely collection of books, Lea. And what a hard working hen to be laying this time of year! My girls went into a late molt (Oct/Nov) and haven't laid a day since.

  3. I love books, too Lea~I have so many that I struggle to find places for them. My hubby as plans to build another bookcase soon!

  4. In my dream house I have a library with one of those sliding ladders to reach the top with.