Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Have you ever been hugged by a donkey. I have ,today. I went out to take some pictures this afternoon and Chemmy came up to me. He wanted me to to love on him. I petted and put my arm over his neck and Chemmy turned his head around and just hugged me. He let me rub his ears, his nose and just hug him back. He is so sweet. Aren't those wonderful ears.

And isn't this a sweet nose? I tried to take his picture and he kept trying to touch the camera so that is all I got That sweet soft nose. This wonderful little donkey is my Thankful Tuesday. I really needed a hug today and he gave it to me.

And this is Yuma. I think he was a little jealous but he wouldn't let me hug him. I did pet his face and that was OK. He just was a little stand offish today. He is a sweet boy too, just not in a huggy mood today.

My two donks. They were glad to get out of that mud pit. I did not blame them a single little bit.

These two guys in the mud pit. They were getting ready to go in to eat. This is Cody and Rusty. I love Rusty' mane.

This was our view on the way to church last Sunday. We had just come out from being in the fog to under it Usually there are deer or turkeys in the field but not that morning. I thought it was kind of an austere picture.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. I love Rusty's mane. We have horrible mud as well. Sunday was the worse. The donks are so sweet. Giving them cuddles would cheer me up as well.

  2. AWE!!! i want a hug from them!! Im surprised to see rusty and chocolate together! that is awesome! when did that happen? i got your guys' christmas presents. i cant make it out there before christmas but maybe if one of you guys are in town before you leave i can get it to you guys! i love you and miss you!!

  3. If I were close I'd hug you every day :) but that IS a huggable face!

  4. Me too!
    Love those donkeys. My mother had one for years she bought from the Sears catalog about 1956 and when I had pasture, she came to live with me for awhile. She loved to eat cigarettes and someone said it was okay 'cause it kept her from getting worms ... don't know if that was true or not but we let her have them anyway.

  5. Lovely pictures, and very huggable donkeys (and cute horses too)!