Monday, December 7, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

And on the 7th. day of Christmas I found SEVEN reindeer prancing. OR seven trees in the snow. I have had this blanket for probably 15 years and never thought of hanging it over the top of the quilt that hangs there usually. Christyn suggested it - good idea. She is the decorator, I am the appreciator.

It was minus 10 today. I thought I was going to freeze doing the chores and then Pepper pulled another of his tricks when I was putting him in the barn. He could not remember what I wanted him to do at all. He thought lets run around the barn a few times, lets do fast rollbacks when I got close so...................I went and got a driving whip and he said. Oh oh, I better get in there or she is going to pop me with it. Amelia and Ditto were half way thru their grain by the time he got it.

The tank heaters are having a hard time keeping the water clear. A couple of them are floaters and they keep a round circle clear. The horse trough has two in it so it just had a little film of ice. I had to carry hot water to the goat and chickens. When it is cold like this it is so hard on the animals.

We spent the evening at our grandson Seth's Holiday Concert. He plays the trumpet. He is in the fifth grade. Part of the concert was the strings. Ever heard a group of kids with violins that are just learning. Made my teeth ache. They tried so hard though. He is a sweet boy. We will go on Thursday to Ryan's concert. He is in middle school. He is a drummer. I wish Christyn had told us when Jadeyn's was. She told me the next day. Jade plays the flute.

Now to the Thankful Tuesday. Today I am so thankful for a good furnace. I think of the homeless people living under the bridge or in alleys and I say Thank You Lord for a house with a good furnace to keep us warm in this frigid weather. I pray for those people. There are many who are not on the streets because its what they choose. I know their are warming shelters open but there are always those that don't go to shelters of any kind. God, keep them warm tonight.

I will be warm in my comfy bed and I am blessed.


  1. Lea I love that blanket - perfect for Christmas. Minus 10, oh my. I'm so cold natured I'd just freeze in place I'm sure! blessings, marlene

  2. I love your blog. I live vicariously through you there with your animals. I know what you mean--my grandson is learning to play the violin-haha. Happy Holidays--stay warm.

  3. That's cold. I need to get my tank heaters out there, but they have a hard time as well once it gets into single digits (or even below 20.)

  4. Wow, I've never been in temps like that! I'm glad you have a warm furnace, too! We heat with a wood stove and I'm thankful for it every day! I love the blanket!