Friday, March 6, 2009


What a beautiful day. Not warm but beautiful. I had to go to Reardan to the bank and on the way there is a large pond - actually runoff - full of snow geese. They were so pretty. I almost always take my camera with me but you guessed it, today I did not. I may run back down there in the AM and see if they are still there. Probably not but its in my memory photo album.

I groomed on Dixie today. My word but she is shedding. I see that all of them are but I curried and curried and curried her. We got alot of mud off and a ton of hair. She seemed to enjoy it but kept looking in my pockets for her treat. She is much lighter bay when she is all shed out. I was really tempted to saddle her up and ride but she would be like riding a rocket and I was here all by myself. So I just loved on her and curried her some more.

THEN I decided to work with Rusty. She was a real brat. I know she does not like me but she needs to learn to accept me anyway. It took me 2 hrs. to touch her. She was hot and sweaty and I was cold and tired. I thought I had walked 10 miles keeping her moving. I tried standing with my back to her and she stopped and looked at me but would not even let me take a step toward her. She knows better. I finally, my feet were about to fall off from cold, I put her back in her pen. She will let me walk up to her in there. She needs to know I can touch her even if she is in the round pen. Tomorrow, if it is not raining or the s word, we will try it again. Bob has always caught her in the same place. All in a nice voice I told her I was going to shoot her, beat her up, tell Bob on her and anything else I could think of. We are both going to be sore tomorrow.

Bob left this evening to go to his nieces. So me and the dogs and Trouble the cat are holding down things. Have a nice Saturday.


  1. I've got to get serious with Echo. It's strange that Rusty won't let you near her in the round pen but will let you walk up to her in her pen. I have got to get a halter on Echo. I'm waiting for the weather to change. So in a few weeks expect me to be asking for all kinds of advice.

  2. Yesterday I would have been the one screaming for advice. It was too cold and windy today but I did catch her in her pen. Yes, he does need a halter. Hope the weather gets better soon.