Monday, March 23, 2009


A very laid back day. Just wanted to sleep. The entire weekend caught up with me. I didn't even get my laundry all done today. In the middle of the afternoon I had to take the white truck to Bob at work and bring the car home. I mistakenly thought he was going to start driving it to work and I would have my car back - wrong. The first week of April he will start driving it. He has to make some deliveries all over eastern WA.

Went down to put the horses out this morning and Pepper and Ditto seemed glad to see me but Dixie was mad at me. She did not want me to touch her. She really gave me a dirty look. It was funny actually. We are going to get straw for bedding. Bob is looking for some. He did not like the wood chips from the guy over on Hayford Rd. They are wood chips not shavings and he thought they were not good for bedding in stalls. So, straw it is. We can't seem to find shavings except in bales and that is too expensive.

Thursday is our monthly Mustang Club meeting at Perkins in the Spokane Valley. Hope we have a good turn out at 6. Its always fun and we are planning Mustang Days. Does anyone have any ideas? We want to plan a campout and ride. We have a date of the first weekend in May but I don't know if that is going to work or not.

Hope you have a good Tuesday.


  1. I thought you had a borrowed car???? have you read Caroline's blog?

  2. Lea, email me and I'll give you my phone# since you're going to be in our little valley this weekend.

  3. No its a borrowed pickup - wish it was a car. I can't drive the big blue one.