Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Just a quicky post today. The furnace is repaired and we have heat. And guess how the repairman fixed it. He popped a round thing with his plyers and put a few drops of oil in a couple of little holes. AND he did not charge us. All my worrying for nothing.

We spent the evening with a group of friends having dinner at Mama Mia's. The food was quite good if you like garlic and pasta. I had garlic chicken alfredo. It was good but enough for 3 people. It was good to visit and chat and laugh and reminiss with them. We promised we would do it again soon. Six couples. I will taste garlic for several days though.

Hope you all had a great day.


  1. You're lucky. Our heater quit putting out warm air last winter and we had to pay $600 for the guy to come out, clean the filter and give it an "acid wash". Too much dog hair was getting into it, so I now have another filter duck-taped to the intake place to help keep out the fur! I learned my lesson!!! Glad yours wasn't anything serious!

  2. So were we. I could just see a new furnace coming. When he wacked it with his pliers and it started I didnt know to be mad or glad.