Monday, June 30, 2008

A fun day

Worked Sierra 3 times today even with the unbearable heat. The first time was 8 this AM so it was nice out and then let her out to eat for an hour while I cleaned her stall. It was about 100 out so not fun. Then this evening we went to the arena to work on the trail stuff. She does pretty well on all of that. She is side passing both ways pretty good. Still not trotting with me but will when Bob kisses behind her. We will keep working on that.

I tried to upload a picture but don't know if it worked or not. Will keep working on that too.

Bob found out today that he is going to get a 3 strikes horse from Burns. A cute 3 year old filly, not quite 14 hands. He wanted her at the Pasco adoption but she was not a 3 strikes horse then but went to Albany and did not get adopted so now she is. But we got really good news and Nick was adopted. He worried me because he is so shy. He is at home in Salem, Oregon. Fostering is tough because you get attatched to them. It is going to be so hard to let Sierra go but I will. Tears I am sure. Have poured so much of myself into her.

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